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The Chamber Organizer system was developed as a collaborative with Chamber of Commerce executives nationwide. Each month we hold a national meeting with executives and staff from all over the country who call in to screen share and provide important feedback on how to make this program even better. As a customer you will also be invited in to attend these meetings on the first Wednesday of each month. 

An Honest Service - we believe in earning your business and not contracting you into it. For this reason our agreements are always month-to-month and we always offer a 100% money back guarantee to all or our new customers. 

An Honest Backup Service - our systems are online and offer high reliabilty, but we know that our customers always want to know that the data we take care always remains in their control. For this reason we provide a full back up system where our customers can easily backup all of their data that resides on our servers to your local hard drive at any time. We know this data is yours and we prove that with this service. 

An All Inclusive Support Program - when you sign up with us you are going to know right away that you made the right decission. If for some reason you don't feel that way we will return 100% of your initial setup fee. 

A Complete Sales Strategy - when you make the right decission and go with our company for your services our team will begin to work very closely with you to activate our programs that are designed to grow and retain membership. A full Chamber Consultant service is always included with our programs. This entitles you to an amazing array of strategic sales training and membership development support.